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Repeater Work Day Pictures: 8/23/08 | 10/24/2009 | 061010-147.210 | 061810-147.210 | 081410-147.210 | 101015-146.79

NOTE: For stations in or near the City of Rolla, use 147.210 MHz (+600 kHz offset, 88.5 Hz PL) which is linked to 146.790 MHz at all times.

Voice Repeater Details

LOCATION: The primary WØGS 2-meter repeater is on the frequency of 146.790 MHz (-600 kHz offset, 88.5 Hz PL) located about 20 miles west of Rolla in the vicinity of rural Dixon, Missouri, near Hancock, along Highway 133 in Pulaski County.

TRANSCEIVER/CONTROLLER: The transceiver is a Vertex VXR-5000, including an add-on Pacific Research RI-310e controller board, receiver board, transmitter board, and a 25-watt final amplifier module. The repeater is mounted on a wall in the shack above a work bench, and is powered by a DC power supply which you can see setting on the bench top. The feedlines to the controller/transceiver are fed through a four-tank resonator, Wacom Products, Inc. model WP641.

BATTERY BACKUP: On 2 September 2001 a battery backup system was installed on the repeater. The system includes a power controller box consisting of automatic switching and battery charging circuitry, and a parallel combination of two 12-Volt deep-cycle gel-cell batteries from a used wheel chair.

TOWER: The tower for the repeater is approximately 120 feet tall (not including the antenna), and is serviced from a shack approximately 20 feet from the base. The tower is guyed at six points along its rise as can be seen in this view (the lowest guys are not visible in this picture). The base of the tower is at an altitude of approximately 1,110 feet above sea level, so the top of the transmitting antenna is at approximately 1,245 feet above sea level.

ANTENNA: At the top of the tower, fed from the shack by jacketed hardline, is a commercial-grade co-linear vertical J-pole, model 220-2N ("Super Stationmaster TM") from RF Systems. This antenna was installed on 29 January 2007 to replace an old DB224 antenna. Replacement was necessary because water got into the coaxial harness and degraded performance. You can view a slide show of the installation process. (Here is the old four-element omni-directional antenna array, vertically polarized, model DB224, from Decibel Products).

COVERAGE AREA: Coverage for the WØGS repeater (view a map, or another map) extends from the St. James area 15 miles east of Rolla, to Jefferson City 75 miles north of Rolla, to the Lake of the Ozarks area 50 miles west-north-west of the Rolla area, to the Lebanon area 50 miles west-south-west of Rolla, to the Salem area 25 miles south of Rolla. Of course, due to the hilly terrain in south-central Missouri, some low-lying areas are not within repeater range even though they lie within the general repeater coverage area.

REMOTE BASE: The repeater has been interfaced with a Yaesu FT-2400H 2-meter mobile radio through the accessory port on the VXR-5000. This remote-base radio is programmed to communicate with the Springfield Skywarn repeater in Springfield, Missouri (the Springfield repeater transmits on 145.490 MHz, and requires a CTCSS access tone of 136.5 Hz). The link is established using a 4-element Yagi, vertically polarized, end-mounted at the 40-foot level on the repeater tower. Through the use of DTMF on-air control, the remote-base link can be established whenever needed. On 30 August 2003 the remote-base system as described above was installed to replace the original system which was damaged by a lightning strike.

SKYWARN: Prior to 17 November 2001 (see work-day 2001 pictures), the remote-base link was directed to the Mid Missouri Skywarn Association repeater at 146.865 MHz in Jefferson City. However, since the Rolla repeater covers an area primarily served by the Springfield National Weather Service office, the RRARS determined that it would be better to link directly into the Springfield Skywarn system. We wish to thank the Mid Missouri Skywarn Association for their help and encouragement.

The NØNWS Southwest Missouri Skywarn repeater at 145.490 MHz (PL 136.5Hz) is in the Springfield area (at the Fordland site). There is a Skywarn net every Tuesday, 7:00 PM Central time hosted on the NØNWS repeater. We establish the remote-base link into that repeater every Tuesday evening, and encourage all operators to check in (see Meetings/Nets page for details). See the NØNWS web site for more details about Soutwest Missouri Skywarn.

CONTACT: The trustee for callsign WØGS and the repeater is Peter Price, NØXZN. If you have questions or comments about the repeater, please send e-mail to Read more about repeaters in Missouri at the Missouri Repeater Council web pages.

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