Rolla Regional Amateur Radio Society

Notes on the History of the

Rolla Regional Amateur Radio Society

(From the official records, with commentary by Charles Konop, WØDLG.)

There were a couple meetings "Of general interest to Hams" before the club organized and started collecting dues, on January 3, 1977. You may view a letter that was sent to area hams around that time soliciting memberships.

Charter Members RRARS
(In order in which they paid their dues, the first year, 1977)

  • Charles Konop
  • Floyd Teter
  • Frank Kuehn
  • Robert & Juanita Lane
  • Edward Jones
  • Duane Lang
  • Clifford (Mac) & Mickey MacLeaster
  • William Bowles &Martha
  • R. L. Scott
  • Al Mesko - (Life Member) I think he was the first Secretary.
  • F. S. Snow
  • Russell Miller
  • Clyde Hedrick
  • Morris Tague
  • George Hoops
  • Ralph Lange
  • Ron Lile - The driving force and de facto president who really got the club off the ground. He was elected unanimously, as the first President.
  • William & Opal Poucher
  • Edwin Hoffmeister - (Life member) He was a radio repair man at the Fort [Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri], and our technical advisor. For a short time, our repeater was located at his place and on his tower. Later, he really helped get up our first antenna. He stayed up on the MCI tower from 8 AM to 8 PM., hauling it up there.
  • Dennis Hayes
  • Roscoe Maricle
  • Richard Connolly
  • Larry Atkinson
  • Al Schwaneke (WØGS) - Joined shortly after the club started and used his influence to get our antenna on the MCI tower. He was an electronics genius and fixed radios for many members. Here is a picture of Al.

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