Rolla Regional Amateur Radio Society


RRARS club meetings are indefinitely SUSPENDED due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When conditions permit, meetings will be resumed, so watch here for updates. We hope to hear from you on-air.

Meetings are normally held the first Monday evening of each month at 6:00 PM.

Meetings are held at the PD2 (Private Dining #2) near the cafeteria at Phelps Health (formerly Phelps County Regional Medical Center - PCRMC) at 10th & Fairgrounds Road in Rolla. The menu for the day is available by calling 458-DINE (458-3463). Also, there is a grill which provides hamburgers, hot dogs, and a variety of other sandwiches.

Arrive at the meeting room at 6:00 PM if you wish to eat or just visit, and the business meeting will be held sometime after 6:30 PM.

Click here for a map showing how to get to the cafeteria and meeting room area at Phelps Health, along with an aerial view of the Phelps Health facility. You may also see a Google map of how to get to the hospital from I-44.

These are dinner meetings, so please feel free to bring your spouse and any guests as we enjoy a meal together. After the meal, a meeting to discuss club business is held.

If a normal meeting date falls on or adjacent to a holiday, that meeting will usually be postopned until the following Monday.

Read the MEETING NOTES on line.


Nightly Net

We hold a net on the 146.790 MHz (-600kHz offset, PL 88.5 Hz) Rolla repeater EVERY evening at 8:00 PM Central Time YEAR ROUND. This is an open net, and all amateur radio stations are welcome to check in. Stations in or near Rolla may use the repeater on 147.210 MHz (+600kHz offset, PL 88.5 Hz) if you find it easier to get in on that frequency. The 147.210 MHz repeater is linked at all times to the primary repeater on 146.790 MHz.

If you would like to be a Net Control Station, please let us know. If you are a new NCS, or if you are filling in, here is a copy of the Net Control Station script for you to use.

Net Control Stations


Net ManagerDaveKFØXQ
(Net reports on-air or

Weekly SKYWARN Training Net

We hold a joint training net every Tuesday evening at 7:00 PM Central time YEAR ROUND in conjunction with the Southwest Missouri SKYWARN group. The net is hosted on the Springfield repeater at 145.490 MHz (-600kHz offset, 136.5 Hz PL tone), to which we link with our remote base at our repeater site. If the Springfield repeater is out of service, or we can not bring up the link from Rolla to Springfield, the alternate Springfield SKYWARN repeater is 147.120 MHz (+600kHz offset, 107.2 Hz PL tone). For operators who access the net through the Rolla repeaters, 88.5 Hz access tone is required on both 146.790 MHz (-600kHz offset) and 147.210 MHz (+600kHz offset).

The following Net Control Operators in the Rolla area will be responsible for establishing the remote-base link to Springfield on Tuesdays at 6:59 PM, or when deemed appropriate during severe-weather events:

Local (Rolla) SKYWARN Net Control Stations

Web master contact: