Net Script
RRARS Nightly Net

(Version composed by Joe, K0OG)

Good evening.

This is [[my callsign]], the name here is [[my name]], located in [[my location]], opening this session of the Rolla Regional Amateur Radio Society Billboard Net.

This net meets nightly at 8:00 PM Central Time YEAR ROUND for the purpose of handling bulletins, contacts, announcements, and reports, and is open to all stations with or without any traffic for the net.

We take checkins in three groups:

- Mobile and Portable stations
- Short timers, that is those who have no comments, or brief comments, or who need to get in and out of the net quickly
- All other regular checkins

Before we proceed, are there any stations with emergency or priority traffic? Please call now. This is [[my callsign]] listening.

[[Listen for calls for about 15 seconds]]

[[Keep a record of the number of stations who checked in, and the number of traffice messages handled]]
[[This will need to be reported to the Net Manager each month]]

[[Take checkins from the groups in order]]

[[Mobile and portable stations]]
[[Short timers - stations with no comments]]
[[Short timers - stations with or without comments for the net]]
[[Regular checkins]]

Thanks to all stations who have checked in, and please remember to check in every night at 8:00 PM. We'll close this session of the Rolla Regional Amateur Radio Society Billboard Net at [[time]] and return this repeater to normal amateur use.

73 everyone.
This is [[my callsign]] clear.