Today the Rolla Regional Amateur Radio Society had a

repeater-site work day. We had eight people at the site

helping with maintenance. The tasks we undertook were to

clear the brush from around the shack, tower, and guy wires;

remove the DB-224 antenna which broke loose from its mount

and was laying sideways with the top resting on a guy wire;

we ran new LMR-400 feedline to the antenna to test its

performance as compared to the hardline; and a new door

was installed on the shack.


All tasks were successful, except that the LMR-400 seemed

to be more noisy (experiencing noise bursts - not weak-signal

noise) as compared to the hard line. Nathan (KD0DMH)

disconnected the connector from the jumper at the bottom

of the antenna (a type N connector), inspected it (finding

some discoloration spots), cleaned it, and reconnected it

and packing the connection with pipe joint compound then

wrapping it with tape to form a better moisture seal.

He observed that the connection at the end of the hard line

was in very good condition, so did not disconnect it.

Therefore, we decided to not install the LMR-400, but

reverted to the hardline, and left the LMR-400 and DB-224

antenna on site as emergency spares.


Those present were Nathan (KD0DMH), Steve (N6RHQ),

Homer (KA0SQJ), Mark (KC0SFU), Nathan (KC0YYQ),

Tom (KB9ZBO), Peter (N0XZN), and Joe (K0OG). Also, special

thanks to Peter (WB9KHR) who was able to provide controlled

signals and measurements from his home during on-air tests,

and Clinton (KC0LIR) for helping with on-air tests.


I should have taken more pictures of the work in progress,

but was quite busy with connectors and equipment testing.

Thanks to all for the excellent help on a beautiful Fall day!


Pictures taken by Joe (K0OG) with Pentax K100D Super

digital SLR, with Promaster 28-80mm Aspherical AF lens,


imgp8956_small.jpg imgp8957_small.jpg imgp8967_small.jpg imgp8958_small.jpg
imgp8961_small.jpg imgp8959_small.jpg imgp8960_small.jpg imgp8963_small.jpg
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