At this month's RRARS meeting an activity of building

tape-measure beams was organized by Jeff (KD0JLM) and

Steve (N6RHQ) and Peter (WB9KHR). There was a lot of

participation, and success.


Here is documentation:

Tape Measure Beam Kit Assembly Notes.pdf

Tape measure Yagi for ARDF.pdf

WB2HOL tape_bm.pdf


Pictures taken by Joe (K0OG) with Pentax K100D Super

digital SLR, Super-Takumar 35mm f2, ISO800.

imgp6297_small.jpg imgp6298_small.jpg imgp6299_small.jpg imgp6300_small.jpg
imgp6301_small.jpg imgp6302_small.jpg imgp6303_small.jpg imgp6304_small.jpg
imgp6305_small.jpg imgp6306_small.jpg imgp6307_small.jpg imgp6308_small.jpg
imgp6309_small.jpg imgp6310_small.jpg imgp6311_small.jpg imgp6312_small.jpg
imgp6313_small.jpg imgp6314_small.jpg imgp6315_small.jpg imgp6316_small.jpg

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