The RRARS held Field Day at the Rolla Lions Club Park this

year. The weather was good on Saturday, and by 1:00 PM

on Sunday the temperature rose to 99 degrees. We missed

the worst of the heat, and had no rain, so were happy about



The official ***Field Day Report*** is available for you to view.

On Saturday afternoon, we had a test session,

see here for the test report.


In summary, we made a total of 484 CW contacts,

40 digital contacts, and 118 SSB contacts, totalling 642.

Including multipliers and bonus points, the 2012 score is

3182 points. Compare this to 2244 in 2009, 2708 in 2010,

and 3096 in 2011. It is good to see the regular improvement

in score!


Pictures taken by Joe (K0OG) using a Pentax K100D Super

digital SLR, ISO400, Pentax-M 50mm f1.7 lens.

(Some pictures taken by Martina/N9GMI & Steve/N6RHQ as noted in the captions.)

fielddaysign2012_small.jpg imgp7108_small.jpg imgp7109_small.jpg imgp7110_small.jpg
imgp7115_small.jpg imgp7118_small.jpg imgp7120_small.jpg imgp7121_small.jpg
imgp7123_small.jpg imgp7124_small.jpg imgp7126_small.jpg imgp7127_small.jpg
imgp7130_small.jpg imgp7131_small.jpg img_2173_small.jpg img_2175_small.jpg
img_2176_small.jpg img_2180_small.jpg img_2186_small.jpg img_2190_small.jpg
img_2191_small.jpg img_2192_small.jpg img_2196_small.jpg

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