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The VXR-5000 is a frequency-synthesised, microprocessor-controlled commercial-grade repeater designed to provide reliable, continuous 2- way communications over a wide range of environmental conditions.

From single-use applications to large system and trunking configurations, the VXR-5000 integrates well into almost any communications system.

Used with the FS-100 DC Local Controller (up to 2000m) or the FS-200 AC Remote Controller, the VXR-5000 can be sited remotely on high tops for better coverage area, provide monitor and talk-thru functions, and selection of any of the eight pre-programmed channels (FS-200 only).

Easy connection to Yaesu's VX-TRUNK I System Base Station Controller offers even greater flexibility.

Operating from either the AC line or 12-V DC source, the VXR-5000 provides up to 25 watts power output without the need for external amplification. The low power consumption of the VXR-5000 provides the capability of extended operation from batteries in the event of power failure, and automatic switching is provided to shift from the AC to DC supply for uninterrupted communications. The DC power terminals provide a constant trickle-current to keep rechargeable batteries in top condition. Designed for easy installation in EIA-Standard 19-inch rack mount cabinets, the VXR-5000's ragged construction utilises high-grade components throughout.

Specifications meet or exceed European CEPT/ETSI regulations.

Standard features include automatic time-out and hang-up delay timers, plus everything needed for operation as a full-duplex (or semi-duplex) base station transceiver. CTCSS encoder / decoder for tone squelch operation is built in. Cavity duplexers are available for the VXR-5000.

The VXR-5000 offers highly flexible system configuration by dealer- programming. This allows customising the repeater to your specific network, and changing system configuration as your requirements change. Programming is accomplished using an external IBM PCor compatible computer with the CE-8 software and VPL-1 connection cable, with all data stored in EEPROM in the repeater. The VXR-5000 can be re-programmed in seconds by a Yaesu dealer, and once programmed, channel data is stored permanently, without the need for battery backup.  


Frequency Range: (A) 134 - 147 MHz
(B) 146 - 160 MHz
(BS-1) 156 - 168 MHz
(C) 164 - 174 MHz
(A) 400 - 420 MHz
(C) 430 - 450 MHz
(D) 450 - 470 MHz
(E) 470 - 490 MHz
(F) 490 - 512 MHz
Maximum Channel Spread (w/o degradation): 2 MHz 20 / 22 MHz
Number of Channels: 1 - 8
Channel Spacing: 12.5 kHz, 20 kHz, 25 kHz
Frequency Stability: 2 ppm (Built-in TCXO)
Emission Type: F3E
Voltage Requirement: AC100 / 117 / 220 / 234 V (50 / 60 Hz) DC 12.8 V neg ground
Current Consumption: AC 160 VA max (25W output, standby 30 VA max
DC 6.0 A max (25W output), standby 500 mA max
Operating Temperature Range: -30C - +60C (-22F - 140F)
Duty Cycle: continuous
Dimensions (WHD approx.): 375 x 275 x 110
Weight (approx.): 12Kg (26.5 lbs.)
Circuit Type: Double Conversion superheterodyne
Intermediate Frequencies: 21.6 MHz & 455 kHz 47.9 MHz & 455 kHz
Sensitivity: 0.50 V for 12 dB SINAD
Audio Response Characteristic: 750 S de-emphasis
Spurious Rejection: better than 75 dB
Adjacent Channel Selectivity: better than 70 dB
Intermodulation Response: better than 70 dB
Receiver S/N Ratio: better than 40 dB
RF Power Output: 25 Watts, continuous delay
FM Noise: better than -40 dB @ 1 kHz
Modulations System: Direct frequency modulation
Maximum Deviation: 2.5kH\ (12.5 kHz spacing), 4.0 kHz (20 kHz spacing), 5 kHz (25 kHz spacing)
Transmit Activation System: Carrier or remote control
Audio Response Characteristic: 6 - dB / octave pre-emphasis from 300 Hz - 3 kHz (=1.0/-3.0 dB)
Audio Distortion: Less than 5% @ 1 kHz
Spurious Emission: better than 80 dB (below carrier)
Transmit Delay Time: 100 ms
Line Audio Input: -10 dBm 3 dB