The Lebanon Amateur Radio Club sponsored the ARRL Midwest Convention in Lebanon, MO on 10 November 2007. As part of that convention and hamfest, the ARRL allowed us to operate W1AW/0 from the site for the duration of the event. Thanks to the Lebanon ARC for giving the Rolla Regional Amateur Radio Society the opportunity to manage the W1AW/0 special-event station. We were able to log 416 contacts, all of which will be processed by the ARRL, and QSL cards will be sent to all contactees. Thanks to all the volunteers and guest operators who made this special-event station a success!

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conventionfloorsetup_small.jpg conventionfloorsetup2_small.jpg billfriend_small.jpg billfriend2_small.jpg
w1aw0checkinstation_small.jpg w1aw0checkinstation2_small.jpg w1aw0wendybill_small.jpg w1aw0dalebill_small.jpg
w1aw080mmotran_small.jpg w1aw0missouritrafficnet_small.jpg w1aw040m80mstation_small.jpg w1aw040mguestoperator_small.jpg
w1aw040mstation_small.jpg w1aw020mstation_small.jpg w1aw020mstation2_small.jpg w1aw0stationteam_small.jpg

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