Members of the RRARS provided communications support

at the Machell-10, Berryman-11, and packet operations

(thanks to Ron, NA0Q). Here are pictures of the operation

at Machell-10.


On the first shift were Jeff (KD0JLM) & Ina Ruth (KD0VUA),

on second shift were Gary (KF0TW) & Joe (K0OG),

and on third shift were Russell (KD0OWE) and Joel (KD0POR).


The weather was good: partly to mostly sunny through the

day, clear to partly cloudy through the night, low temperature

around 50 degrees F, with occasional breezes.


We found voice and packet operations to be reliable using

5W power outputs on both radios using a homebrew twin-lead

J-pole (in PVC pipe) for voice operations to the Viburnum

repeater, and a mag-mount antenna on top of a truck cab

for digipeater access on 2m through the Johnson Mountain



Pictures taken by Joe (K0OG): Pentax K100D Super digital

SLR, Super-Takumar 35mm f2.0 lens, ISO400 (day), ISO1600



Additional pictures at end taken by Steve (N6RHQ),

Peter (K6RFT), and Jeff (KD0JLM) where noted.

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