Members of the Rolla Regional Amateur Radio Society set up a Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) station, consisting of a Kenwood TS-440SAT HF transceiver into a G5RV dipole antenna, mounted in an Inverted-V configuration, with the apex at about 25 feet above ground. Power was supplied by a marine starting battery. All of the contacts logged by scouts were on the 20m band (around 14.295 MHz). Members present were Russell (W0OWE), Clinton (KC0LIR), and Joe (K0OG). These photographs were taken by Joe (K0OG).
Guest Operator List - JOTA 2015
=========== ===============
Jackson     Georgia
Giorgi      Georgia
Gabe        Georgia
Noah        Georgia
Will        Georgia
Gideon      Georgia
John        Florida
Ephram      Florida
Hunter      Florida
Christian   Florida
Luke        Florida
Patrick     Florida
Jordan      Florida
Dillon      Florida
Nolan       Minnesota
Derric      Minnesota
Robert      New Hampshire
Aiden       New Hampshire
Joseph      New Hampshire
Jed         New Hampshire
Tyler       New Hampshire
Andrew      New York
Devon       New York
Matthew     Ontario, Canada
Trevor      Arizona
In addition to these 25 scouts, there may have been an additional two or three scouts who left quickly after they made their contact and I did not get them in the log. In addition to the contacts shown above, I made contact with a JOTA station in Venezuela on 15m, but none of the boys there spoke English so I could only make contact with the scout leader who spoke English. Also, Jackson came back at least two more times when we were not busy and made some more contacts. Other states we contacted were Idaho, Alabama, and Massachusetts. We also heard (but did not contact) South Africa on 20m early in the morning, and Portugal on 15m after noon.
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imgp5261_small.jpg imgp5262_small.jpg imgp5263_small.jpg imgp5265_small.jpg
imgp5266_small.jpg imgp5267_small.jpg imgp5272_small.jpg imgp5268_small.jpg
imgp5269_small.jpg imgp5270_small.jpg imgp5271_small.jpg imgp5273_small.jpg
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