Photos of the annual Repeater Work Day at the main site at

Hancock, MO (the 146.790 MHz repeater).


In addition to the general site brush removal and cleanup,

Peter (N0XZN) ascended the tower to install additional ground

straps to help solve a potential noise source problem.


Repeater work day thanks to Mark KC0SFU, Homer KA0SQJ,

Dan KD0GLP, Jeff KD0JLM, Shawn KD0DMJ, Peter N0XZN,

Peter WB9KHR, Holden (Son of KDODMJ), Steve N6RHQ,

and Tom KB9ZBO.


Pictures with file name "DSCxxxxx" were taken by

Steve (N6RHQ); pictures with file name "Imagexx" were taken

by Jeff (KD0JLM).

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image23_small.jpg dsc02905_small.jpg image4_small.jpg image5_small.jpg
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