This afternoon we were graced with ideal weather for

antenna installations for the Emergency Operations Center

at the Phelps County Regional Medical Center (PCRMC).


The VHF/UHF antenna was installed on the penthouse roof

located above the ambulance/emergency room area of the

hospital, just off 10th Street in Rolla. The HF antenna is

mounted on the lower roof just below and east of the

penthouse roof. The EOC is located in a room under that

lower roof.


Ron (KD0IEK) and Jeff (KD0JLM) work at the hospital so

spearheaded the effort. Along to help were Peter (WB9KHR),

Steve (N6RHQ), and Joe (K0OG). The operation was a

success, and more work is yet to be done installing the HF



The next phase in a few weeks will be to install the

147.210 MHz repeater on top of the Medical Office Bldg.



Pictures taken by Joe (K0OG) with Pentax K100D Super

digital SLR, Promaster 28-80mm AF zoom lens, ISO400, and

two were taken by Steve (N6RHQ) with his Blackberry 8310.

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