Here are some photographs from our monthly club meeting.


A couple of highlights were:

.Brianne (W3BRT) accepted appointment as Maries County EC

.Russell (KD0OWE) discussed his experiences operating HF mobile


Photographs taken by Joe, K0OG.

Pentax K100D Super digital SLR, ISO800, SMCP-F 35-70mm.

imgp8887_small.jpg imgp8888_small.jpg imgp8889_small.jpg imgp8890_small.jpg
imgp8891_small.jpg imgp8892_small.jpg imgp8893_small.jpg imgp8895_small.jpg
imgp8896_small.jpg imgp8898_small.jpg imgp8899_small.jpg imgp8900_small.jpg
imgp8902_small.jpg imgp8903_small.jpg

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