Kay Hegler, XYL of Burns (W0GQM - SK) asked for assistance

from the RRARS to remove the 55-foot tower from her

residence. Peter (N0XZN) climbed the tower to remove the

HF beam, 2m vertical, and rotor hardware. Assisting were

Steve (N6RHQ), Ron (NA0Q) and son Alex, and Joe (K0OG).

The project went smoothly without any negative incidents.

The following photgraphs tell the story.


Pictures taken by Joe (K0OG) with Pentax K100D Super digital

SLR, ISO400, SMC Pentax-F 35-70mm zoom lens.

imgp8862_small.jpg imgp8863_small.jpg imgp8864_small.jpg imgp8865_small.jpg
imgp8866_small.jpg imgp8867_small.jpg imgp8869_small.jpg imgp8870_small.jpg
imgp8871_small.jpg imgp8872_small.jpg imgp8873_small.jpg imgp8874_small.jpg
imgp8875_small.jpg imgp8876_small.jpg

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