The estate of Joe Uttendorf (SK, N0RRP) is offering a list of

equipment for sale, including a tower. Here is a brief list:


  • RCI-2950 10m transceiver, AM/FM/CW/SSB - 25WPEP on SSB
  • Astatic D-104/T-UG9 (amplified base)
  • Realistic Pro-2006 scanner
  • Pyramid PS-14k 13.8V/12A power supply
  • Kenwood TS-450S with desk microphone
  • Rohn ?? 50' tower with 10' top mast (60' total height)
  • Rotor (unknown specifications)
  • 2-m 6-element beam antennas (2 each) on horizontal pole
  • VHF/UHF monitoring antennas (2 each)


I do not know the condition of these items, but presume they

are in good working order. However, IT IS UP TO YOU to

determine the condition and value, and work with Jim

Uttendorf (Joe's son) on making any offers.


If you are interested in any of this equipment, please let me

know and I'll put you in touch with Jim. The tower in particular

needs to be taken down SOON, so if you are interested in it,

you should move quickly.

d104_mic_pro2006_scanner_small.jpg d104_mic_pro2006_scanner_pic2_small.jpg kenwood_ts450s_small.jpg pyramid_power_sup_rci2950_small.jpg

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