We had our yearly joint meeting between the Rolla Regional

Amateur Radio Society (RRARS) and the Lebanon Amateur

Radio Club (LARC) at the Price Cutter restaurant in

Waynesville (equidistant from both Lebanon and Rolla).

As always, it was nice to socialize, and plan cooperative

activities for the next year.


Pictures taken by Joe, K0OG with Pentax K100D Super digital

SLR, Super-Takumar 50mm f1.4 lens, ISO400.

imgp6461_small.jpg imgp6462_small.jpg imgp6463_small.jpg imgp6464_small.jpg
imgp6465_small.jpg imgp6466_small.jpg imgp6467_small.jpg imgp6468_small.jpg
imgp6469_small.jpg imgp6470_small.jpg imgp6472_small.jpg imgp6473_small.jpg
imgp6474_small.jpg imgp6475_small.jpg imgp6477_small.jpg imgp6478_small.jpg
imgp6479_small.jpg imgp6480_small.jpg imgp6481_small.jpg imgp6482_small.jpg

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