The Cub Scouts Ozark Trails Pack 83 pack leader asked me to

help with the crystal radio project. I was very interested to

help because crystal radio is how I got started with radio and



The boys each wound their own coil on a PCV pipe form, then

connected it to a 1N34A germanium diode for a detector, a

crystal earphone to listen with, and an antenna wire we ran

outside, and a ground wire inside the building. It worked!

The volume level was very low, but we could hear the local

AM radio station KTTR (1490 kHz).


Pictures taken with Pentax K100D Super digital SLR, Vivitar-A

28mm f2.8 lens, ISO800.




imgp0380_small.jpg imgp0381_small.jpg imgp0382_small.jpg
imgp0383_small.jpg imgp0384_small.jpg radio_circuit_small.jpg

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