N5GOJ in Kuwait

Carlton returned on 17 July 2003. Thank you to Carlton, his family, and all the other service men and women and their families who have sacrificed for our freedom, security, and safety. Here are two pictures (number 1, and number 2) of his return at Lambert International Airport in St. Louis. Lindy said, "I thought you might like to post these on the web page as a final installment to the story of his deployment (we hope!) They were taken when we were reunited July 17th. The children are all three there in the first picture! They just got to him first!"

Welcome home Carlton!

Here are pictures from N5GOJ, SSGT Carlton Stayer, USAF, while deployed in Kuwait and Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Here is what Carlton had to say about these pictures:
"One of the people on our trip to Iraq took some digital photos of our stop while we were just outside Iraq waiting for our security forces escort. We were playing catch with a football. One Kuwaiti troop played catch with us."

(Notice the football in lower-right of picture - I guess Carlton missed his catch!)

Additional pictures - 23 April 2003

UPDATE - 26 May 2003

Here are some additonal pictures from Carlton taken while travelling in Iraq, 14 April 2003, and subsequent updates in May 2003. Also shown is a link to an article on the proud history of the "Red Tail Express" with which Carlton was involved in this mission.