AA0IB – Tom Lindley
[Contact Dave Bates, KF0XQ,, (573) 465-0715]
Swan 500CX Transceiver 80-10m w/power supplies 2 Both work but need attention – good condition $150/each obo
Swan 350 Trnscvr 80-10m – no power supply 1 Needs attention – good condition $125 obo
Yaesu FT 101EX Trnscvr 160-10 1 Very good condition - tested - low power output (50W), needs some attention $300
Globe Chief Model 90A CW Transmitter 160-10 1 No crystals – fair condition $50 obo
Kenwood TS-50 HF Mobile trnscvr w/ AT-50 External Auto Tuner with jumper and microphone 1 Excellent condition - tested 100 watts out and both units work well $500
Yaesu FT-980 HF Trnscvr 1 Very good condition - tested - 125-150 watts output measured on CW – very nice radio! $600
Tempo One 80-10m HF Trnscvr w/power supplies - one black & one white 2 Fair condition – both need attention $75/each obo
Radio Shack 80-10m SWR/Power meter & remote pickup 1 Good working condition $30
Drake MN-2000 High Power Matching Network 1 Good working condition, scratches on top $225
Amp Supply LK-500ZC 160-15m 1500W Linear Amplifier 1 Tested – Very good condition, wired for 220V $1200
Uniden President 2600 10m All-Mode Trnscvr & stock mic 1 Receives – exciter works – no forward power so may need new finals – good appearance $35 obo
Heath PS-23 Power Supply 1 Tested - very good condition $100


1) These units have been tested using the Drake MN-2000 described above and a 40m antenna or dummy load.
2) I am attending the Mount Vernon Hamfest on Saturday, 3/25. If you are interested in purchasing any of the above items, I will meet you there. With the exception of some smaller items, most items are pickup only in Rolla.
3) When you make contact, please clearly indicate which item you are interested in.
4) The “obo” designator means “Or Best Offer”
5) UPDATED 3/14/23