W0OWE Estate Sale

Dave KF0XQ and I N6RHQ are helping Russell's W0OWE (sk) family with his radio items. Russell had top notch equipment. An inventory is shown below with the asking price. Please contact Dave, kf0xq1@gmail.com or me, smiller@rollanet.org if interested in any of the items. Thanks and 73, Steve.

W0OWE Estate List
(Update, 6/15/21)

  1. Astron VS-70M Power Supply - 390/200
  2. Heil HM12 Mike-60/25
  3. Heil HB-1 Medium Boom with CC-1Y wiring harness 100/35
  4. (2)Heil HS3 Footswitch-25/5 each
  5. Mosley PRO-57-B 5-Band HF Beam - never assembled - ***aluminum and traps only***- missing hardware pkg-1650/650- local pickup only in Rolla, MO
  6. Yaesu FT-DX5000D HF Txcvr (with SM5000 Station Monitor)-needs OLEDs replaced. *NOTE: Currently at Yaesu for repair* 4400/2800. Local pickup within 100 miles of Rolla, MO
  7. Gap Titan DX HF Vertical*** ***Buyer takes down and transports from site-500/50
  8. ABR 400UF 6’ UM/UM Jumper-Used-25/5
  9. Signalink USB Data Port- no cables or inst-129/60
  10. Times Microwave LMR400-UM/UM-100 feet -Light Use-50 each
  11. Belden 8214-50 feet- no connectors -25
  12. Vertex MLS-100 mobile speaker - 45/20
1. First price (where indicated) is retail price, second price is estate sale price.
2. All pricing is local pickup in Rolla, Missouri. UPS Ground Shipping available at additional cost.
3. Items which are struck out like this are sold and no longer available.