Field Day 2014 was a success in spite of some "rain delays".

The Rolla VE team offered an exam session, and 8 people

passed their exams See the test-session report for details.


We operated as class 3A again this year, but no 6m station.

The CW operation was led by Dave (KF0XQ), along with Gary

(KF0TW), and operated mostly on 40m, with some 15m

contacts. The SSB operation was led by Russell (KD0OWE),

and stayed on 20m throughout. The digital/CW operation

was led by Joe (K0OG) and ran QRP with a Yaesu FT-817nd,

but mostly operated on CW, with a few digital and SSB QSOs.


Thanks to all the operators who spent time at the radios, as

well as those who helped set up and take down the equipment

and tents.


To offer some historical perspective, here is a summary of

yearly total scores (including all multipliers and bonus points):

2009 -> 2244

2010 -> 2708

2011 -> 3096

2012 -> 3182

2013 -> 3608

2014 -> 2642


As you can see from the above history, we are down from

last year mainly due to shutdowns during rain showers.


Another highlight was the picnic at 4:00 PM Saturday, with

the grill managed by Scott (KC0OKW), yielding some fine

burgers, brats, and hotdogs. Thanks to all who brought

covered dishes to share. All was VERY good!


We offer a special thanks to Steve (N6RHQ) and

Ann (KD0JNI) for overall organization and sanity.


Please see the final report to see our score totals.



-Joe (K0OG)-

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