Photographs from Field Day, Rolla Regional Amateur Radio

Society, on 27 & 28 June 2009. We operated three HF

stations using alternative power, so were rated 3A. We

also had a 2m radio for monitoring the W0GS repeater,

and a 6m station for running SSB.


We made 239 contacts using Morse Code, 10 contacts using

digital communications modes, and 219 contacts using SSB

voice, for a total number of contacts of 468.

Obviously we are not a very competetive operation

but we certainly have a lot of fun with Field Day!


Here is the final RRARS Field Day 2009 Report.


Pictures taken by Joe (K0OG), except a few taken by

Steve (N6RHQ) where noted.


If you took some pictures of Field Day 2009 in Rolla, and wish

to share them, please send them to and

they will be posted here.

entrancetophelpscountyfairgroundhwy63srollamo_small.jpg entrancetophelpscountyfairgroundhwy63srollamo2_small.jpg nathankd0dmhoperating_small.jpg nathankc0yyqoperating_small.jpg
joek0ognathankc0yyqoperating_small.jpg markkc0vnqpreparingtooperate_small.jpg clintonkc0liroperating_small.jpg steven6rhqnathankc0yyqoperating_small.jpg
mjpoleatopboomtruck_small.jpg mjpoleatopboomtruck2_small.jpg carltonac0cmshawnkd0dmjdavekf0xq_small.jpg mdeltaloopantennaforcwstation_small.jpg
visitorsfromthesullivancluboperatingatthecwstation_small.jpg johnathankc0nrovisitingfromthesullivancluboperatingcw_small.jpg mikekc0zinandfromthesullivanclubassistingwithcwoperations_small.jpg tomkb9zbowalkingcarltonac0cmmarkkc0sfushawnkd0dmjdavekf0xq_small.jpg
carltonac0cmmarkkc0sfutomkb9zboshawnkd0dmjdavekf0xq_small.jpg nathankc0vnpmarkkc0vnqoperating_small.jpg mverticalantenna_small.jpg solarpanelsforcwstation_small.jpg
davekf0xqoperatingcw_small.jpg davekf0xqoperatingcw2_small.jpg kenwoodts440satdigitalcommunicationsmodes_small.jpg mand6mstations_small.jpg
nathankd0dmhoperating2_small.jpg tomkb9zbocleaningupafterusall_small.jpg

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